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Baby Massage

Baby massage

Baby massage instructions can be booked as a one to one or course of lessons at Sweet Dreams Baby Massage.

There are many benefits to massaging your baby and learning how to do it properly. It helps your baby grow and thrive, sleep better and cry less, it comforts and soothes both baby and parents and strengthens the bond between you daddies too!

Baby massage is your special time with baby when you learn our five minute baby massage routine at Sweet Dreams Baby Massage with our qualified instructors. You can book a one to one instruction in your own home or a course of 3 sessions to reaffirm what you have learnt and put it into practice.

Research shows that massage has been used for hundreds of years and helps develop a feeling of being loved and feeling secure. Massaging baby’s tummy helps reduce constipation or trapped wind as well as strengthening the immune system repertory system and digestive system.

Most of all its fun to learn and can be a special part of family time at the end of the day bath time or moments when your baby needs your special loving touch.

Book a session with Sweet Dreams Baby Massage at just £49 per hour. Gift vouchers are available. Give that special gift of love! Great for new mums and dads.

Courses of 3 sessions as a one to one in your home can be arranged for £99 for 3 visits. Perhaps you would prefer to meet new mums and come to one of our popular classes held at many venues please enquire for further information on how to book these sessions.

Love your Baby at Sweet Dreams Baby Massage enjoy your special time together. VTCT qualified baby massage instructors

To book your baby massage sessions, call today on

07905 481 071

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